All Saints’ Episcopal Church, West Plains, Missouri. J.D Arnold. 1993.

All Saints’ began in 1883 as the dream of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lyle Thomas and their three daughters. The Thomas’ combined their dream with determination and a willingness to work. On Easter Sunday 1895 the first service was held in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The priest was the Rev. Thomas B. Lawson. There were five members.
In The fall of 1885, Bishop Charles Franklin Robertson confirmed five more members. It was at that time that the church received its name. Mrs. Thomas, at the request of the Bishop, chose “All Saints” because of her fondness for “The Feast of All Saints.”

On January 18, 1887, All Saints’ was pronounced an ‘organized mission’ by Bishop Daniel Sylvester Tuttle. In 1888 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas donated land for a church building. A sum of $100.00 earned at a fair provided the funds to build the church which was practically debt-free when completed.

The first service was held in the new church on January 16, 1889. The pipe organ was installed in time for the first service.

In April 1914 a reception was held for the Rt. Rev. Sidney Catlin Partridge, Bishop of the Diocese in the newly completed rectory. In 1952, a second bell tower and a new bell were added. In 1957 the parish house was built.

The church has gone through many ups and downs but because of the determination of faithful members, the congregation has not only survived but been a spiritual blessing to old and young alike as can be attested by the many families that have third and fourth generation members.

Another very important part of the history of this church is the faithful men and women who have served it. Maintaining the tradition of excellence up to and including our current Rector Father James Harris.

To this day All Saints’ has endeavored to carry on this tradition of ministry and community. Serving All persons who seek God and his divine guidance.

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